Association Membership

Dissolution of the Membership from the Association:

The membership of any member can be dissolved under the following reasons-

  • In case of death
  • In case of insanity
  • In case of punishment under law
  • In case of non deposition of the membership fee.
  • In case of submission of resignation or transfer
  • In case of their activities against the association
  • In case absent without any sufficient cause from three consecutive meetings of the Association spreading over a period of one year.
  • In case nonpayment of annual subscription of the Association
  • In case their activities against the welfare of the Association

General Body of the Association:

Organization :

All Members of the Association comprise the General Body.

Meeting :

All Members of the Association comprise the General Body.

Organization :

The general meeting of the General Body is held once in a year and a special meeting can be called at any time according to necessity.

Information Period :

The information of the meeting of General Body is sent to the members before Fifteen days of the meeting and for special general meeting information is sent ten days before the meeting in written.

Quoram :

The quoram for the General Body meeting is three fourth of the total no. of members.

Date of AGM :

The Annual General Meeting of the Association is held once in the month of September every year.


The Association shall consist of the following parts:

General Body:

The General Body of the Association shall consist of all the members ( Ordinary as well as active ) of the Association.

B Governing Body:

The Governing Body of the Association shall include Office Bearers and other active members of the association .and Zonal Co ordinaters It shall also be termed as ‘Executive members’

C Office Bearers:

Those active members who look after the affairs of the management of the Association and run the Association efficiently and keep record of working of the Association shall be termed as Office Bearers of the Association. At present the following shall be the Offices of the association:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary-Treasure
  • J. Secretary

The Association may increase the number of Offices according to the needs from time to time by a resolution passed in the General Body meeting with 2/3rd majority of votes.